10 Video Games That Punish You For Playing Well

8. Bonus Chapters Are Only Unlockable By Killing Your Own Units - Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon

Hellblade SenuaS Sacrifice
Intelligent Systems

It's totally common for RPGs to set various conditions for players who wish to reach secret areas and play optional missions, generally requiring them to go the extra mile in pursuit of that precious extra content.

But Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon bafflingly goes in the opposite direction entirely, as most of its Gaiden chapters can only be accessed if you've got less than 15 characters in your entire army.

As a result, players with a larger roster will effectively be locked out from playing these chapters, in turn encouraging them to literally get the majority of their army killed on purpose.

Given that the series has been historically concerned with creating a bond between players and their army, and encouraging them to protect their units at any cost, this feels massively antithetical to the franchise's ethos, and unsurprisingly proved controversial.

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