10 Video Games That Put Insane Work Into Tiny Details

9. Every Raindrop Is An Individual Asset - Driveclub

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Sony Interactive Entertainment

PS4 racer Driveclub may have had a rough launch, but there was little denying the game's stunning visual presentation, particularly its ludicrously realistic-looking weather effects.

Shortly after launch, Evolution Studios patched in a dynamic weather system which touted one especially mind-blowing feature, that every single raindrop was effectively its own asset and individually subject to the very real laws of physics.

The rain doesn't simply fall to the ground - or your car - in linear fashion, but moves and flows through the sky according to both wind conditions and the speed of the car.

It's details like this which have allowed Driveclub to remain one of the most visually impressive racing games on the market, despite releasing seven years ago and facing stiff competition from the Forza franchise above all else.


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