10 Video Games That Put Insane Work Into Tiny Details

8. The Solar System Is Accurate For 2185 - Mass Effect 2

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As much as Mass Effect 2 might offer up a speculative, fantastical view of the future, its 2185 setting is actually rooted in a greater sense of physical realism than you probably believe.

The game's beautiful map of the Solar System is an almost note-perfect representation of how planets will be arranged in 2185.

Redditor SargentLipton35 compared the game's map with a scientifically accurate simulation of how the Solar System will look in 2185, and it was basically spot-on.

Except, that is, for the game's incorrect placement of Pluto, though given that its famously erratic orbit makes it incredibly difficult to guess where it will be in the future with any real accuracy, it's a forgivable gaffe.

Even with many Mass Effect fans considering themselves space buffs and science nerds, it's laudable for BioWare to do so much homework to back up their mesmerising vision of the future.


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