10 Video Games That Retconned EVERYTHING

9. DMC: Devil May Cry

Aliens Colonial Marines

In 2013, DMC: Devil May Cry released to mixed reviews.

On one hand, it’s presentation and combat system was superb, but the direction it takes with the iconic Devil May Cry characters was too bold for many players’ tastes. It was a significant departure from what came before, and deviating too far from the formula for an already established franchise is a slippery slope.

Ninja Theory’s failed reboot uses the Devil May Cry lore as they see fit, which is both part of its charm and a huge reason for having so many critics.

It changes the aloof, pizza-loving Dante to a more edgy, nihilistic character and uses Virgil, a fantastic, lawful evil character as a honour-less antagonist. Lifting a handful of each character's traits and using them in a way that angered most fans of the series, it doesn't truly feel like it's in keeping with the games that came before. This was perhaps why new fans were usually the ones to find enjoyment in it.

The franchise quickly reverted back to the original timeline for Devil May Cry 5, but DMC’s damage was done, flagrantly retconning the events of the first four games like they were disposable.

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