10 Video Games That Reward You For Watching The Credits

The MCU-style bangers of the gaming industry.

catherine game

The creation of a video game, TV show or movie is certainly no mean feat.

Often, these are tremendously expensive endeavours, worked on by huge and varied teams. The number of different departments and job descriptions that go into the average media sensation is difficult for consumers to even appreciate.

The staff, from writers to artists and playtesters and everyone in between, have often gone to heck and back to make a passion project a reality. It’s only right, then, that they should be immortalized within it, their names proudly emblazoned on the credits.

The issue with these credits, of course, is that they don’t tend to retain the attention of the consumer. It’s tough to capture that, though there are ways. MCU movies can keep fans in cinemas through 15 minutes or so of scrolling names, by adding a tantalizing little post-credits scene.

Meanwhile, some video games offer the player a little something extra for watching them. Sometimes, they simply won’t include a skip button, but these titles offer unlockables or even minigames to make players stick around as the credits roll.

10. Hitman: Blood Money - Agent 47 Rises From The Dead

catherine game
IO Interactive

The Hitman series is, above all, full of surprises. The games are veritable murderous playgrounds for players, priding themselves on their sandbox nature.

There are multiple approaches to any given mission, meaning that players are free to experiment and see how that chef’s hat or other obscure item will help them to assassinate their target. 2006’s Hitman: Blood Money, however, took the surprising nature of the series to new extremes.

When the game’s final mission, Requiem, begins, Agent 47 appears to be dead. His funeral is underway, and the credits begin. As the names speed by, the player learns that they’re able to move the stricken assassin --unless they don’t, in which case he actually dies-- who had merely been placed in a temporary death-like state by an odd sort of poison, to which Diana sneakily supplies the antidote through her lipstick.

In one of the greatest ‘post-credits’ scenarios is gaming, the barcode-branded brute then proceeds to tear through the attendees of his would-be cremation.


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