10 Video Games That Should Be Ashamed Of Themselves

When in doubt, draw on the walls with a turd.

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The gaming industry sure is a weird and wonderful place.

At one end you've got games that are so profoundly brilliant and inspiring that they influence games for years to come. Then there's the other end. The place where games are so truly awful, or have such terrible ideas, whoever made them should feel very, very ashamed of what they've done.

There's so many examples throughout the years of games and gaming companies completely dropping the ball on their titles. Even worse is the fact that many of these awful games or experiences are made by respectable developers, or are part of established IPs that are well known for producing quality stuff.

But which are truly some of the very worst things in gaming? Which ones should cause the developers to hang their heads in shame and mumble something about sorry? Which ones made us cringe so much we folded up on ourselves like an accordion and haven't recovered since?

These titles should be standing in the corner, cheeks rosy red with shame and looking down at the floor. They KNOW what they did...

10. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II


What do you do when you've absolutely nailed everyone's overpowered Jedi fantasy and delivered one of the best Star Wars games ever made?

Well, in the case of the Force Unleashed 2, you make a game that's essentially a carbon copy of the original, but now extremely short, that would be much better as a piece of DLC rather than being a fully-fledged release.

It's extremely unfortunate that Force Unleashed 2 went down this route, as with a bit more time and a bit less greed, it could have been so much more than what it ended up being.

While it still looked great, the Force Unleashed 2's gameplay did little to innovate on the original, and you're basically slogging from repetitive fight to repetitive fight. The storyline is also incredibly bare-bones compared to the original, and abruptly ends out of nowhere after just a few hours to set up what was planned to be Force Unleashed 3.

For a Star Wars fan, this game just reeked of cash grab, piggybacking off the success of the original. If EA hadn't rushed it out, we're totally sure this could have been much more than what we got.

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