10 Video Games That Should Have Ended 10 Minutes Earlier

9. Half-Life

Resident evil 7

Half-Life is one of the greatest video games of all time, no question, but it also touts one of the most wholly underwhelming and dissatisfying climaxes to a gaming masterpiece ever.

Though the last-minute confrontation with the G-Man is brilliantly iconic, the means through which you end up there feels like it belongs in an entirely different game.

Half-Life concludes in the alien border-world Xen, where it's revealed that the source of the dimensional rift is none other than the Nihilanth, a gigantic alien baby creature which serves as the game's final boss.

Despite the absolute goofiness of the Nihilanth's design, this is a dreadfully dull and fitfully irritating finale on which to conclude an otherwise incredible FPS.

It's enough of a slog that G-Man could've done us all a favour by showing up a little earlier and whisking Gordon away before the fight even starts.


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