10 Video Games That Should Have Started 10 Minutes Later

Some prologues deserve to be skipped.

skyrim intro

Video games need to be designed to grab the players' attention from the get-go. If you're willing to invest 20 or 30 hours on killing aliens or collecting hundreds of artefacts, it's crucial the game's sucks you in immediately.

This is tricky since a lot of games start with a tutorial so players can get the hang of the controls. This can be irritating for people who want to jump into the main campaign as quickly as possible.

On the other hand, some titles chucks the player in the thick of it straight away, giving them little time to adjust.

If the game is driven by its story, you may be forced to wade through an endless barrage of text detailing every character and plot point. Introductions like this are meant to be informative but have the danger of coming across as slow and boring. (It's even worse if there's no option to skip sections like this.)

A lot games on this list are regarded as classics but that doesn't change the fact they would've been improved on by snipping off the first ten minutes or so.

10. Okami

skyrim intro

In Okami, you play as a deity dog who brings order to the world with his Celestial paintbrush. As bizarre as the premise sounds, this action-adventurer is one of the most beautiful games ever made. It has been re-released a bunch of times and yet, Clover Studio's game still feels unappreciated.

But if it wasn't for Okami's glowing reputation, many people would've switched it off quickly due to the irritating prologue. Instead of talking with, y'know, words, the characters make garbled noises while they speak, similar to Banjo-Kazooie. These conversations go on for so long, you'll find these squeaky sounds grating on you before you've done anything.

When you finally take control of your hero, players must endure another reviled aspect of gaming - the stop-start.

While you try to jump, run, and attack, you'll be constantly interrupted by your helper, Issun. Even though Navi from Ocarina of Time was annoying for her stop-start interruptions, at least her advice was brief. Issun, on the other hand, can spend two minutes explaining something that takes five seconds to do!

Players should be reassured to stick with Okami despite this opening since it gets WAY better after the 10-minute mark.


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