10 Video Games That Sneakily Let You Steal From Other Players

Why work hard when you can just take everything you need from others?

Video Games That Let You Steal

The great thing about video games is that they allow you to do things you potentially normally wouldn’t do in real life - one of the most recurring examples being stealing.

Being able to take things that don’t belong to you can feel quite exciting, as it requires you to be fast, sneaky, and know how to outsmart the person you’re stealing from. But stealing from simple-minded NPCs can get pretty easy and boring after a while, which is why some like to seek their thrills in multiplayer games.

There are actually quite a few titles that allow players to steal from one another. Their servers are true anarchies, where something belongs to someone only for as long as they can hold on to it. Powerful weapons, currency, and other items that players take hours to collect are traded from hand to hand, and they can be yours if you just learn how to steal them.

If you’ve ever wondered if you have what it takes to be a professional pickpocket, the following titles are for you...

10. Rust

Video Games That Let You Steal
Facepunch Studios

Rust, the multiplayer survival game, is the unequivocal king of gameplay built around messing with other players. The game allows you to commit every crime imaginable, from raiding random players' bases to killing them for the simple thrill of it.

When it comes to stealing, Rust offers its crafty players a variety of different strategies. Sneaking types can try to steal from other players on the server by breaking into their safehouses when they're away. However, if a more direct approach sounds more up your alley, you can also rob them at gunpoint or simply kill them and loot their corpse.

More creative players can even come up with other ways of extorting the hard work of others, as there's really no limit to taking what's not yours. The world of Rust is your oyster - your bloody and morally bankrupt oyster.

Well, so long as you manage to survive the first few hours where stronger and more experienced players rob and steal from you with no remorse. After all, someone needs to be the server's sacrificial lamb.

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