10 Video Games That Sneakily Let You Steal From Other Players

9. Project Zomboid

Video Games That Let You Steal
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Project Zomboid is a survival game set in zombie-infested Kentucky. On top of its solo mode, the game also includes plenty of multiplayer servers, where, as you may imagine, the reality of a zombie apocalypse leaves little room for morality and laws.

The game features a handful of mechanics that allow players to take each other's things. The right equipment and skills will allow you to break into other people's bases, unlock their doors and chests, and even hotwire their vehicles.

On the other hand, Project Zomboid also has quite a few means of protecting yourself from theft, such as alarms and locks that you can install all over your base. Some craftier players can even use the provided materials to set up traps for any potential burglars.

For this reason, Project Zomboid's multiplayer experience is like one big, chaotic game of cat and mouse. In fact, the dynamic of stealing and chasing after thieves can be so exciting that you can almost forget the game is supposed to be about surviving a zombie apocalypse.

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