10 Video Games That Tried Too Hard

8. Anthem - Probably Best To Not Sing This Song

video games tried too hard

I'm not sure what else can be said about Anthem at this point that hasn't already been said. In good faith, I don't see how a list about games that tried too hard can leave off Anthem. It's like this list was created just for Anthem. Most of us know the story by now but for those that don't, Anthem was created by the legendary game developer, Bioware, a development studio known for high quality RPGs such as Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and the original Mass Effect Trilogy. We can leave out Mass Effect: Andromeda for this. Yet EA, in their business and money grubbing wisdom thought it best to have Bioware move away from their core development strengths into a live service space opera of sorts.

As you can already imagine, this didn't end well for Anthem. From terribly repetitive gameplay and mission loops to awful loot drops to a generic setting, Anthem tried as hard as it could, yet ultimately failed to impress at best, and at worst, lost almost of its players along the way. Anthem was and still is a part of the live service gaming boom. This market already had and has enough competition but EA were determined to get in on the action. Instead of making a truly unique and wholeheartedly enjoyable game, Anthem went the route of derivation, not innovation.

A major failure for Anthem came in no small part to the lack of long-term content that was promised for its loyal players. Anthem was seeking to have years of gameplay additions, story DLC, weapons, cosmetics, new areas to explore, and exciting new missions. In reality, Anthem ended up having to toss the roadmap out the window in hopes of rebuilding the core experience from the ground up to re-engage the player base.

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