10 Video Games That Trolled Players In INSANE Ways

Rockstar fat-shamed players into beating the game.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas CJ

As much as video game developers want to make games that are both enjoyable and welcoming to players, many of them also want to keenly poke a little fun at their paying customers too.

And so, some games take it upon themselves to directly rib the player, and while this is all in good fun, sometimes it's pronounced or weird enough to qualify as a sure act of trolling - and a damn unhinged one at that.

Mocking the player for their in-game performance is one thing, but these games all dared to go further and stranger, surprising players with deranged shocks, baffling requests, head-scratching twists, and devious "gotcha!" moments.

Some of them have aged spectacularly and remain impressive literally decades later, while others have arguably aged like milk.

And whether a fully intentional gag or a quasi-accidental glitch, in each case players felt like the developers were aggressively thumbing their nose at them while cackling maniacally.

Whether you found these troll-y moments funny or annoying, however, is likely to vary wildly, but there's no arguing with the creative commitment to the bit, at least...

10. Toggling Arachnophobia Mode Delivers A Nasty Surprise - Evil West

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas CJ
Flying Wild Hog

Given how widespread a fear of spiders is among the general population, it makes sense that an increasing number of games are including comfort settings to either reduce or entirely eradicate the critters' presence on-screen.

Beyond being a genuinely decent thing to do, it's a smart financial decision that gets more interested eyeballs on your game, too.

The recently released actioner Evil West quite laudably warns players before they visit a dank cave filled with spiders, giving them time to enter the settings and toggle the "arachnophobia" mode, which causes all the spiders to disappear and leaves only their webs behind.

But curious players who toggle the setting on and off again will get a rather terrifying surprise: an absolute s**tload of spiders flooding the screen.

It still isn't clear whether this is an unfortunate glitch or developers Flying Wild Hog simply toying with indecisive players. Either way, it makes for quite the pant-filling sight whether you're an arachnophobe or not.


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