10 Video Games That Wanted The Player To Feel Terrible

Feels bad, man.

Naughty Dog

While the vast majority of video games are made to provide escapist entertainment, sometimes they can serve a more ambitious and unexpected purpose - to make the player feel like an absolute bag of crap.

Not every game wants to give players a shiny, happy good time, but in fact quite the opposite: some developers yearn to immerse their customers in a deeply miserable world where hope is just a faint flicker.

This is often achieved by having the player control a terrible person, for though many games - such as Grand Theft Auto - effectively celebrate their scumbag protagonists, some actually dare to make the player feel the full grim extent of their character's behaviours.

Then there are games which make the player feel awful through their bleak social commentary, from highlighting the futility of existence to the sheer toil of living in an unfair, often uncaring world.

These 10 games are all deeply depressing experiences in their own rights, and absolutely cannot be recommended to anyone in desperate need of a good laugh.

However, their emotional complexity is also incredibly valuable in a medium that's still struggling to be taken totally seriously...


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