10 Video Games That Wanted The Player To Feel Terrible

9. Life Is Strange

Last Of Us Part 2

Though much of Life Is Strange's first season - the less said about the second, the better - is focused on the touching relationship between quippy teens Max and Chloe, the game is ultimately building towards an unavoidably grim conclusion.

While protagonist Max possesses the ability to rewind time throughout the game, in the climactic episode she finds herself unable to stop a storm rolling into Arcadia Bay, and is therefore forced to make a binary decision: save the town or save Chloe.

Either outcome is a horrifying one: you can let the storm rip through the town and presumably rack up a significant body count, or leave Max's best pal and potential love interest to get put in the ground.

Neither ending is much of a happy one - players are simply forced to decide whether they think the life of one person is worth that of many more. Whatever you pick, a guilt trip is certain.


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