10 Video Games That Wanted The Player To Feel Terrible

10. Silent Hill 2


Silent Hill 2 is a sustained, stamina-draining exercise in dread, a game which beats the player down with its relentlessly miserable atmosphere.

This isn't merely some junky survival horror game filled with gooey monsters for the "hero" to slay. Instead, the game serves as a giant, sprawling metaphor for protagonist James Sunderland's own grief-infused depression at - spoiler! - killing his terminally ill wife, Mary.

Though Silent Hill 2 keeps the particulars of Mary's death somewhat ambiguous - namely whether it's murder or euthanasia - playing through an entire game as a suicidally despondent protagonist is a heavy load for the player regardless.

That's not to ignore the numerous supporting characters and subplots, which often touch on cheery subjects such as sexual abuse and drug addiction.

To make matters worse, the majority of the game's endings are intensely bleak, and even if you do attain the "happiest" ending, it's really just the least-upsetting one.

Basically, Silent Hill 2 - or, really, any game in the franchise - isn't one to play if you're feeling a bit low.


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