10 Video Games That Wanted You To Delete Them

It's the only way out.

Beyond Two Souls

You would think the one similarity all games share is they want players to, well, play them.

Kill the bad guys, find all the things, and save the world/galaxy/universe/imposter-ridden-spaceship are just a few of the goals we must face, spending hours each year for the sake of achievements, kill-death ratios, and our own entertainment.

Modern developers are constantly inventing incentives to keep gamers engaged with their titles, whether that be through a captivating story, innovative gameplay, or filling the map with 900 golden seeds from hide-and-seek turnips.

Yet some brave developers dare to flip very nature of gaming on its head. What if the game doesn't want you to play it? What if the only way to "beat" these games is not to play them at all? What if a game wants you to delete it?

Such an idea would make many an AAA game company reel its head in horror. Players being encouraged not to play our polished masterpieces? Our coffers doth protest! But for those courageous few who dare to dream, flipping the script on game development can lead to delightful plot developments and compelling game design choices.

Sometimes, if you love something, you have to let it go... so you can get all the achievements or "win".

10. Every Game That Knows You Stole It

Beyond Two Souls
Green Heart Games

I'll go out on a limb and say game developers would probably prefer you don't pirate their games. Unfortunately, there's not much devs can do to stop pirates torrenting their carefully crafted creations.

Or is there?

Developers have come up with a few quirky ways to "encourage" pirates to delete their stolen good. In Game Dev Tycoon, pirates will ironically find that the games they create in the game get pirated, making their own game companies go bust.

The Sims 4 modestly pixelates Sims in the bath and shower. For pirates, those pixels expand to the entire screen, making it look like they're squinting through the frosted plexiglass of a prison cell (where those dirty cheaters belong).

Mirror's Edge will troll pirates by slowing them down on the first jump, blocking off the rest of the game as they fall to their death. The caped crusader in the pirated Arkham Asylum shares a similar fate as his gliding bat-wings will refurl at the most inopportune moments.

The best thing about these pirated games is that these annoyed thieves will take to forums to find fixes for their glitches, only to realise they've outed themselves to the entire internet.

Don't pirate games, kids.


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