10 Video Games That Were Never Better Than Their First Levels

From Resident Evil 4 and God Of War III to Super Mario 64, some games really hit the ground running!

Sony Computer Entertainment

More often than not, video games try to ease players in gently. A tutorial level or two, a chance to familiarize oneself with the controls, blatantly obvious ‘use the right stick to move the camera’ directions. You’ve got to warm up before you take on the world, right? After all, where would Pokémon games be if your in-game rival didn’t interrupt you every seven yards with some new worthless advice?

The thing is, though, not all games are like this. Some prefer ‘hiding’ their tutorial aspects in dramatic setpieces, the action kicking off with an explosive bang. You’re still learning the basic controls and how the mechanics work, but you’re having such an incredible time that you barely notice.

There’s no hand-holding in these titles, that’s for certain. In these games, the first level (/section) is probably the best part.


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