10 Video Games That Were Ruined By Their Own Fanbases

We get it, 'the cake is a lie'. Please stop.

We all love playing video games; that€™s why I€™m here writing about them, and you€™re here reading about them. They occupy our time and provide us with the kind of adventures lacking in our everyday life. With that said, some of us are little more in love with the medium than others; some of us feel we have to constantly reference the same handful of quotes all day, or consistently bash other games in order to validate our fandom.

You know who you are, and so does everyone else. Unfortunately, this kind of mentality can do irreparable damage to a given franchise; it can turn new players away, it can alienate existing players and it can seriously pee off everyone else.

After a while, the games start to find themselves tarnished by their irritating fans. I mean, there€™s only so many times you can here someone quote €œThe cake is a lie€ before you start to despise them for it, and the Portal series itself by extension.

There have been a lot of games ruined over the years by overly-enthusiastic fans, quoting things endlessly or acting like overzealous idiots, framing their favourite games as God€™s gift or creating a hostile environment for newbies. They usually mean well, but their weird fixations can absolutely destroy a game€™s reputation.

Here are the 10 absolute worst examples of fans ruining their favourite games€

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