10 Video Games That Were Ruined By Their Own Fanbases

10. Minecraft

As someone who has played literally hundreds upon hundreds of hours of Minecraft, it pains me to admit that the game has been absolutely ruined by its own fans.

Don€™t get me wrong, like many of the examples that appear on this list, Minecraft€™s a great game; it€™s essentially an infinite sandbox that players can shape into whatever they want, whatever they can imagine. When the game first started to gain some attention, perhaps back when it was still a work in progress, Minecraft was something truly special. Since then, the intended demographic of the game has somewhat shifted from fully-grown adults to children, and from PC gamers to console and tablet gamers.

There€™s nothing wrong with that shift of course, and there€™s also nothing wrong with the rampant merchandising to which Mojang has since started to endorse. However, something else has changed since Minecraft€™s early days, something which is of huge detriment to the game€™s reputation: the maturity of the fanbase.

Nowadays, Minecraft is for children. It wasn€™t always the case, but that has become the reality. When you mention the game, people think of little kids, screaming at each other in creative mode, wearing official Minecraft T-shirts and showing off their terrible creations with an undue amount of pride.

Maybe that€™s a good thing, especially if it encourages children to indulge in creative pursuits, but the vast majority of us aren't eleven years old, so screw €˜em.

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