10 Video Games That Were Secretly Judging You The Whole Time

Who knew games could be so judgemental?

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Morality systems are integral parts of most RPGs. They help the player understand what consequences their actions have and generally make the role-playing experience more immersive.

However, sometimes the game doesn’t want you to know that it’s judging you. Instead of giving you a visual indicator of your alignment, it keeps its morality system hidden to make sure your choices won’t be influenced by blue and red colors that scream, "Pick me if you want to be good/evil."

This sneaky approach to morality can actually bring out some very interesting results though. It not only lets you pick your choices more honestly, but it can also completely surprise you with a sudden reveal of all the consequences of your actions.

These games may appear pretty simple at first glance, but don’t get fooled. They are secretly judging you, waiting for the perfect opportunity to call you out on your terrible behavior.

10. The Sorrow - Metal Gear Solid 3

Prey game

The Metal Gear series has a pretty long history of quirky gimmicks that mess with the player outside of the usual scope of the game. We've seen it happen with Psycho Mantis famously reading the save history of your console and the End dying of old age if you don't play the game for at least a week.

Most of these gimmicks are added into the game for fun, but there is one in Metal Gear Solid 3 that actually uses its unique mechanic to call the player out for acting like a psychotic killer.

During the boss fight with the Sorrow, Snake is drugged and put into an illusion of a misty river. His goal is to chase after his opponent, but depending on his past actions, this task might be harder than expected.

During the hallucination sequence, Snake can be attacked by the ghosts of all the people he has killed in the game. Depending on how you were dispatching enemies up until that point, your journey through Sorrow's illusion will either be a brisk walk through an empty river or a desperate escape from an army of undead soldiers.

In Kaz's famous words, "it's like they're all still there..."


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