10 Video Games That Were Too Damn Short

"That'll be $20 an hour, please!"

deus ex

In the modern gaming landscape, games are too long more than they are too short. Sandbox titles and games-as-service releases are incredibly popular, and as a result it's the norm for the average blockbuster to be anywhere from 20 to 30 to 200 hours long. Where the argument once was "is this worth $60?" it's now "is all this content just quantity over quality?"

That said, there have still been plenty of titles - both past and present - that have come out feeling a little undercooked. Games with great ideas and concepts that wow you for five hours or so, but then suddenly come to an end out of nowhere. Games that leave you feeling short-changed, robbed of an interesting twist just as the story was getting going. Games that feel entirely made to set up a sequel years down the line, rather than give you the complete package.

These titles might not be bad - and quality isn't purely measured in length - it's just that you come out the other end wishing there was more, and with a nagging suspicion that they climaxed too early. Not that I'd know anything about.


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