10 Video Games That Were Utter Embarrassments For Their Franchises

9. Contra Rogue Corps

Bomberman Act Zero

Contra as a franchise was born off the backs of 80s action movies with its design and has had few but excellent games back in the 90s. In 2019, the franchise returned to re-establish itself as the king of the shoot 'em ups. However, this game, titled Contra Rouge Corp, did not do that whatsoever.

You can tell this just from loading it up, as the game feels cheap to look at, it’s graphics reminiscent of a game from ten years ago. However, the visuals are not the only thing that is dated, as the writing and humor just feels so stale, sticking with a “LOL random” feeling that fails to get a laugh. All this before you've even got around to the actual gameplay.

The biggest issue that comes with this game is that all your weapons have an overheat mechanic that makes you wait a few seconds if you use them too much. But in a franchise like Contra where you do nothing but move and shoot, it's a huge pace killer and removes what could have been just a fine shoot 'em up. It’s difficult to find something positive to say about this mess.

Well, Konami messed this one up, but at least they have their other franchises that are still good. Right?

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