10 Video Games That Weren't Worth Full Price

When you KNOW you've been taken for a ride.

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There's nothing worse than spending up to £50 on a new game, only to discover after a few hours that it's really not worth the price you just paid.

With so many games always releasing, you just don't want to waste your time or money on a sorry attempt of a game. It's an even larger offence these days, as there are so many indie games that offer a whole lot more for a considerably smaller entry fee.

The reasons behind these disappointing releases are usually tied to rushed development periods and corporate insistence on annoying practices such as micro transactions. But when a game has a bad launch and people start telling their friends that the game isn't even worth the money spent, this can quickly snowball and tarnish the reputation of said game.

Once you take a look back, many offending games were simply not worth their full price in retrospect. While these may or may not have solved some issues later down the line, they certainly weren't worth the money at launch.

10. Star Wars Battlefront II (Launch Version)

Saints Row 4

Star Wars Battlefront II (2005) is a beloved PS2 classic, so when EA decided to release their own Battlefront II in 2017, they were always going to be facing a tough crowd. But to their credit the first Battlefront from EA in 2015 was a good game that received decent reviews from critics and casual players, even if it was still harshly compared to its predecessors.

Unfortunately, EA dropped the ball with Battlefront II (2017), and many fans were left extremely frustrated with the title at release. When it came to playable content the game lacked fan favourite game modes such as Galactic Conquest, which a lot of old school fans were hoping would still appear.

However, what really caused controversy was the use of loot boxes.

Battlefront II (2017) was designed with a progression system that was halted by the reliance on loot boxes, which of course you could pay for with real money. Consumers were insulted, and the backlash led to EA getting the most downvoted comment in Reddit history when they tried to defend themselves.

Some people could perhaps forgive the base game's amount of content, but the reliance on micro transactions for a better experience on top of the base price was a step too far.

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