10 Video Games That Weren't Worth Full Price

9. Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival

Saints Row 4

Fans had been demanding a new Animal Crossing Game for the WiiU for a long time, having had their fun with New Leaf and ready for a new Animal Crossing experience on a new console. While they're probably happy now that they have New Horizons, arguably the best Animal Crossing game to date, first fans had to pass the time with Amiibo Festival.

Whoever's idea it was to release a new game in the series but to make it a Mario Party rip-off with a reliance on Amiibo figures and cards should probably be kept away from the franchise from now on. It just wasn't an Animal Crossing Game and instead relied on fans from the games to sell a pretty generic board game experience.

The game itself cost $60 in a bundle on release, with further costs to be considered if you wanted to get certain villager Amiibo figures for the game. It was just another discouraging title for the WiiU that further pushed away Nintendo fans. Here's hoping that Nintendo have learned their lesson.

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