10 Video Games That Totally Lied To Get Your Money

Bullsh*t isn't bullsh*t unless you can prove it. Unfortunately for these games, we can...

Sometimes developers and publishers aren€™t exactly truthful when it comes to telling us about their upcoming games. They might overhype what the experience will bring or exaggerate about the features and it€™s not uncommon for critical information to be held back or taken out of context to suit marketing needs. This is not a situation isolated within the gaming industry either. It is pretty much exactly how marketing works; you can€™t expect trailers or adverts to tell you how mediocre a game is - instead they are always going to be shown in the absolute best light in order to grab your attention and get you lay down your cash. Very occasionally though you will come across a company who cross the line; they are no longer simply embellishing the truth, but instead trying to purposely mislead you. Publishers might make particular references to features that were never actually planned to be included, Peter Molyneux and his constant over-promising regarding series such as Fable. A game that was originally slated to be a living world, where trees would grow as you progressed and the choices you made would profoundly affect the world, turned out to be a by-the-book RPG where you could pick up face-scars after being slashed for the first time. Heck, they might even go so far as use footage that in no way correlates to what the final product will actually look like, a prime example being Killzone 2. Guerrilla Games showed off amazing trailers for their new title, which promptly blew everyone€™s minds thanks to the cutting edge graphics and brilliant animation. However, it turned out Killzone 2 wasn€™t running on a PlayStation 3, but rather a much more powerful computer than greatly increased its performance. This article counts down the 10 worst offenders from the industry, the times when publishers or developers let players down by breaking promises and maliciously misleading them. Remember though that not all of the entries will be terrible games, in fact some are excellent €“ but they were ultimately sold to us with the full knowledge that they were not what they were supposed to be.
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