10 Video Games That Totally Lied To Get Your Money

10. Too Human

Silicon Knights first announced Too Human in 1999, stating that it was an action RPG that would revolutionise the genre. Fusing together Norse mythology with a futuristic sci-fi setting the title would bring about the next step in game storytelling, and not only that €“ Denis Dyack also promised innovative combat and a brilliant new camera system that would allow for slick gameplay. Although we didn€™t really hear about it again until 2005 many people were optimistic. After all. these were the guys who had brought us Eternal Darkness on the GameCube, which produced such a stunning atmosphere and driven story. So needless to say, anticipation was high. Instead Silicon Knights brought us a game that felt outdated. The cinematics were poor, hindering the plot rather than adding to it in any significant way. The combat system was incredibly fiddly; using the analogue stick to control fighting actions just really didn€™t work. Because of this the game had a stupid camera system that automatically locked onto enemies rather than allowing you to control it manually, leading to many instances of looking at things you really didn€™t want to focus on. Even more annoyingly for those who might have enjoyed the experience is the fact that you won€™t ever get the answers to the many questions raised within the plot thanks to the cliffhanger at the end. You're left never quite knowing how the story would have concluded, which is probably the price the developers paid for failing to reach their own lofty ideals.
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