10 Video Games Transformations That Will Make You Sick

Ooh, we didn't need to see that...

Silent Hill Lisa Garland

With wonderful new advancements in technology, what we're capable of seeing rendered on-screen in our games is constantly evolving. We've seen lush skyboxes and sprawling landscapes, realistic attention to detail in weaponry and features, as well as leaps in face and body motion capturing.

And naturally, we've also been privy to some very disgusting things, too. Gone are the days of bright flashes and sudden transformations, my friends.

Now we're in the days of watching our protagonist's limbs twist and eyes pop as he takes on new mutant powers, rendered in lovely Full Motion Video. We've been treated to vermin take notes from John Carpenter's films and sickeningly transform like some of his Things.

Unlikely saviours die before our eyes, only to be morphed into grotesque monstrosities, or even worse: your once beloved becoming a grotesque milk-monster.

Even the cutesy games get in on the sickness... but I won't spoil that one here.

There's varying degrees of what makes us sick, granted. For some it's the sheer visceral nature, for others the more emotional transformations pulling the one-two gut punch.

Whatever the reason behind it, we've had to witness them, all laid bare for our eyes. So if you had repressed these, sorry, but I'm here to remind you about ten of the worst sickening transformations.

10. The Evil Within 2 - Myra-Morphosis

The thought of deep-diving into someone's consciousness is a daunting prospect. You never know what kind of filth you'll find in there, for one.

So spare a thought for poor old Sebastian Castellanos who, after entering the mind of Ruvik in the first game, has to endure another one powered by his daughter... or something. It's all a bit weird.

Anyway, Seb's wife was all set to rescue Lily from the new STEM, until the power and influence of it twisted her desire to protect her daughter into one of malice against anyone. Including her husband.

As such, the final confrontation sees Sebastian finally put a bullet in the head of the robed figure, aka Myra, who'd been halting him throughout the game. If you think that'd be enough, you have clearly not played an Evil Within game.

In the spirit of survival horror, Myra transforms into a twenty foot-ish, disgustingly pale and leaky abomination that really doesn't want you to save your daughter.

The dripping white... stuff, the bug-like red eyes, the gangly limbs and distorted stomach really make Myra quite the catch.


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