10 Video Games Utterly Ruined By RNG

Random tripping in Smash is the WORST.

Super Smash Bros Brawl

In video games, RNG - that is, Random Number Generator - is the means through which various outcomes are delivered to the player.

This is typically by way of an apparently "random" invisible dice roll that dictates whether a player's attack lands, which power-ups they receive, the goodies a defeated enemy drops, and what's waiting for players inside one of those pesky loot boxes.

In an ideal world, RNG is employed to keep games fresh, ensuring that every time you pick up and play a game, you're not simply playing through the same set of boring pre-programmed routines.

And while RNG works perfectly well enough for many games, some developers have ultimately become overly reliant on it, often at the expense of the most skilled and dedicated players.

These 10 games, despite their generally terrific core gameplay, all employed the services of the "RNG Gods" a little too eagerly, in turn undermining player skill and, let's be honest, wasting a whole lot of everyone's time...


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