10 Video Games We All Used To Love (That Actually Totally Suck)

Pitfall If, like myself, you are over the age of 25, you're basically a video game veteran. Being able to say you played Atari's 1982 Indiana Jones simulator Pitfall is basically a badge of honour, and I'm sure you get misty-eyed over all those other wonderful games you played during your formative years. It makes me angry to hear these little jerks today banging on about Halo like it was genesis. They're not true gamers, because they don't know misery. Yes, these CoD-loving teens don't know they're born. They never had to endure a 15 minute virtual seizure while a Spectrum game loaded. They'll never be subject to the heartache of having to start a game from the very beginning because you died on the last level. We may have loved those games at the time, but only because it's all we had. Come with me and trawl through a nostalgic river of pixel-piss, and I'll show you just how unhappy your childhood really was. Won't that be fun?

10. Duck Hunt

Duck HuntLoved on: Nintendo Entertainment System - 1987 Gather the family round for this one! It'll be a laugh a minute. Dad taking it far too seriously, not letting anyone else have a go. Mum demanding to know why the gun isn't working because she can't hit anything. Me grinding through level after monotonous level, where the only thing that changes is the number in the corner. Sucks because: Being able to aim a gun-shaped bit of plastic at the TV was a novel interaction, but the game was so boring that it was back in the box again two days later. Having your own beloved dog laugh at you every single time you missed was a minor annoyance, but actually hitting the same two ducks every level was arguably even worse. And if you did make it to level 99? It just reset to zero then glitched until you lost. Not cool.
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