10 Video Games We All Used To Love (That Actually Totally Suck)

9. Streets of Rage

Streets of RageLoved on: SEGA Mega Drive - 1991 Any game where you can wander the streets having bare-knuckle fights with prostitutes is bound to capture the imagination of many a young lad, and it's a formula that's still doing well to this day (see: Grand Theft Auto). The characters had cool names (Axel, Blaze and... Adam), the music was incredible, and punching stuff alongside a co-op partner never gets old. Does it? Sucks because: Actually yes it does. Especially when the stuff you're hitting is so unfairly hitting you back. Boss battles in particular are a massive chore, resorting to some pretty underhand spamming tactics that make you want to rage (in the streets). Playing alone towards the end of the game is also a virtual no-no, as you'll be gang-banged by so many enemies at once that even managing to get up off the f**king floor is a crowning achievement. Music's still good though.
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