10 Video Games We’re Dying To Play (Even Though They’ll Suck)

It's not looking good... but we'll still buy in.

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No matter how rational and fair gamers try to be, it's easy to be blinded by a brand.

When you hear there's a new God of War coming out, you pre-order in a heartbeat. A Halo sequel? You're rushing to get your wallet. You're going to purchase the next Star Wars game, even if you don't know a thing about it.

Before we know whether a game is good or not, we give in to the hype.

This is a dangerous mentality, especially when there are signs that the game we're dying to play is going to suck. If there are numerous delays, that's a red flag.

If promotions don't show key features integral to the gameplay, that's always suspect. If the studio behind the game has a bad track record, that needs to be taken into account, no matter how popular or recognisable the IP is.

Of course, nothing is absolute. Even if a future project seems doomed, it might turn out better than we could've imagined. But when you know the ins-and-outs of each of these future projects, it doesn't fill us with a lot of confidence.

10. Sonic Frontiers

gotham knights

Sonic Frontiers has peaked the interest of many, even those who discarded the hyper-fast blue hedgehog long, long ago. Instead of zipping around linear levels, the latest instalment will take place in an open world.

Although it will still have Sega's mascot bashing Badniks and grinding around rails at superspeed, there will be a bigger focus on exploration and puzzle-solving.

But it's far too early to be optimistic. Devoted gamers have been saying "the next Sonic instalment" will return the franchise to its former glory since Sonic the Hedgehog '06... and look how that turned out. Sonic Boom was also meant to be a return to form, and it failed miserably.

In fact, the only game in 20 years that felt like a true Sonic game is Sonic Mania, and that was made by fans!

What's worse is that the previews for Sonic Frontiers haven't been ideal. The levels look desolate, there are bugs galore, and the bosses need some heavy tweaking.

Viewers were so dismayed by the Sonic combat preview, #DelaySonicFrontiers began trending on Twitter to encourage the developers to take more time to fine-tune the whole project.

If Sega keeps the original release date, it's likely Frontiers is going to be another mediocre Sonic title.


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