10 Video Games We’re Dying To Play (Even Though They’ll Suck)

9. A Quiet Place

gotham knights
Sabre Interactive

In 2021, Saber Interactive revealed they were working with iLLOGIKA and EP1T0ME to create a video adaptation of A Quiet Place. Because this story takes place in a post-apocalyptic world filled with monsters with super-hearing, the gameplay would focus on stealth rather than running around guns blazing.

Like Telltale's The Walking Dead, its believed this project will take place in the universe of A Quiet Place, but centre around a different group of survivors than the film adaptation.

Unfortunately, there are concerns. Despite the fact Saber Interactive is no stranger to adapting famous movies into games, the results haven't been great. RIPD: The Game was unplayable. World War Z was so forgettable... pretty much every gamer forgot it came out. Evil Dead: The Game has some great features but it's still disappointingly average.

But that's not the only pressing matter. At this moment, there's absolutely no footage for the game, even though it's meant to be released in a few months. No character models. Not a single frame. Nothing. The website that's meant to be dishing out all the latest news on this project is pretty much barren.

Although A Quiet Place a recognised brand, it's hard to get excited for the game when there's nothing to show for it.


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