10 Video Games You Weren’t Expecting To Make You Cry

Warning - these might produce surprise tears and emotions.

Ignore what the masses would have you believe - it's perfectly acceptable to be left upset, distressed and in-tears while playing a video game... Well, unless the game in question is Hannah Montana: The Movie, then help is desperately needed at that point. Some games are designed to be sob-stories from start to finish; the exceptional Valiant Hearts (released last year) is a great example of this. As a game based around the First World War, sad moments and heart-breaking deaths come with the territory - when loading up something like this you're not exactly expecting a bright, happy tale. However, other games take a different approach to bringing players to tears. Shocking moments which dramatically change a game or depressing story moments hidden within otherwise straightforward titles can work especially well, simply because they're so unexpected. One incredibly well-made scene can turn a game into a real tear-jerker from out of nowhere. Likewise, a well crafted narrative with a tragic conclusion can also catch you by surprise. It's these moments from games where they're the weirdest fit that stick with you the longest. If you can think of any other titles which surprisingly went above and beyond to reduce gamers to tears, leave your thoughts in the comments below.
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