10 Video Games Where You Can Destroy EVERYTHING

9. Battlefield V

Megaton rainfall
Electronic Arts

The Battlefield games have always prided themselves on using destructible environments to make their online combat more interesting. And V has the most dynamic of the bunch.

See, with a lot of games with destructible environments, the objects that you can destroy are...shall we say, more fragile than they would be in real life, with buildings falling over when touched with so much as a light breeze. Even games later on down the list have this issue, leaving the player wondering why this world is making all of its structures out of balsa wood and Styrofoam.

However, Battlefield V makes you work for that catharsis, with buildings reacting more realistically than other games to being hit by ordinance. Buildings will often take multiple explosive rounds before collapsing, and while the destruction doesn't get super detailed, it is nice to have to work for that payoff for a change. While, ultimately it's mostly just a cosmetic detail, it does lend a lot more excitement to gunfights when you see the world dynamically react to what you're doing to it.


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