10 Video Games Where You Should IGNORE The Main Story

Sometimes, straying from the beaten path is the best way to experience a game.


As the capabilities of games consoles have improved, so has the scale of what we play on them.

The days of linear storytelling are all but gone, and instead, we find ourselves delving into grandiose worlds filled to the brim with NPCs, side quests and hidden secrets.

In fact, on occasion, these serve not only to build immersion and expand upon the game world, but manage to overshadow the game's main story, intentionally or not.

It may seem like a bad thing, but really, once you consider that these games are crafted with our entertainment in mind, whether or not we find the main story to be the best part of a game is entirely irrelevant. Instead, we can just enjoy fishing, cooking, hunting, or gambling while the impending doom of the virtual world hangs over our heads like a digital Sword of Damocles.

Besides, if you really think about it, video games themselves are like side quests from the main story our lives, and that doesn't make them any less enjoyable.

In many ways, these games' stories are better left alone.


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