10 Video Games Where You're Secretly The Villain

When you think about it, you're not really the hero of these stories.

Fallout 4 main character

Everybody loves a good zero-to-hero story, but given how often it appears in video games, it can get pretty boring and predictable. Your character is set on the path of good right from the start, and it’s not hard to tell their journey will end with the villain defeated, the day saved, and everybody praising your name from the rooftops.

But what if the story wasn’t so straightforward?

Well, fortunately, there are some games that like to mix things up a bit. Your character might appear to be the hero of the hour, but secretly they are actually the villain, just waiting to give you the shocking reveal of a lifetime. It’s the kind of plot twist that turns video game tropes on their heads and makes for a refreshing change.

While it might be disappointing or downright tragic to see your own character end up being the evil they swore to destroy, you can’t deny that it’s also really entertaining to watch. And out of all the examples of villains being the good guys all along, the following characters have definitely done it the best.

10. Rider - Furi

Fallout 4 main character
The Game Bakers

Furi is a short but ruthless shoot-em-up in which you play as a mysterious convict trying to escape from a highly advanced futuristic prison. The game starts off with you being endlessly tortured by one of the prison's ten jailers, so it's easy to assume you're the victim here. However, behind every prisoner is a crime they got imprisoned for.

As you venture deeper into the prison and kill more of your jailers, you start to notice that not every single one of your enemies is as ruthless as the first one. Although they all want to subdue you, they don't act out of malice. One fights you just because he thinks you're a danger to his child, while another even lets you have a chance to go back before you force them to fight.

So what's all this about? Well, once you manage to escape, it turns out your character is a scout sent by alien invaders in order to look for a planet worthy of destruction. Yep, the entire time you were breaking out of prison, just to doom billions of people to death.

Well, maybe next time they'll know not to torture you.

Not that there'll be a next time...


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