10 Video Games Where You're Secretly The Villain

9. The Rangers - Wasteland 3

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Deep Silver

One of the recurring themes of the postapocalyptic RPG Wasteland 3 is that you can't have everything. Whether you're doing a side quest or following the main storyline, the game is likely to put you in front of a decision where picking one side over the other will come with dire consequences for the option you leave behind.

This is exactly what happens in the game's ending, and why it's so hard to come out of Wasteland 3 thinking your characters were unequivocally the good guys.

Long story short, in Wasteland 3's finale, the player has several options to choose from. They can side with the Patriarch, the tyrannical ruler of Colorado Springs, in order to obtain the supplies necessary for keeping Arizona Rangers alive; they can liberate the Springs by killing the Patriarch and letting the people rule themselves; or they can kill the Patriarch and replace him as leader.

No matter which option you pick, you screw over someone somewhere in a pretty major way. If you side with the Patriarch, the people remain enslaved; if you liberate them but then leave with supplies for the rangers, the lack of leadership and resources leads to a bloody civil war. And if you decide to liberate and rule, you doom your fellow Rangers in Arizona to certain death.

You might have someone's best interests in mind, but at the end of the day, your team is the ultimate villain in somebody else's story.


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