10 Video Games Whose Best Ending Was In DLC

9. Death of The Outsider - Dishonored 2

Witcher 3 blood and wine ending

One of the most enigmatic figures in the Dishonored series has been The Outsider. It's always been up in the air as to what, precisely, he is. His motives are clear enough: he seeks entertainment. That's why he bestowed Corvo and Emily with the powers they used throughout the two games. The Attano family is interesting to him, and so he nudges them along because it's fun. 

Frankly, it was only a matter of time before one of his playthings decided to fight back. Enter Billie Lurk.

Billie Lurk, formerly the companion of Emily/Corvo during Dishonored 2, takes center stage in Dishonored: Death of the Outsider. As the name implies, the whole story is about Billie being fed up with this eldritch weirdo screwing with people for his own amusement, and conspiring to take him down.

While Dishonored 2's ending is just fine on its own, this makes for an excellent epilogue, with harder stealth, cool powers, and at last, some real answers on what exactly The Outsider is. While that last bit wasn't ever really a problem with the previous games, seeing the biggest question of the franchise finally get answered is satisfying to watch play out.


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