10 Video Games With Incredibly Steep Learning Curves

It's not rocket scien- oh. It literally IS rocket science.


When you sit down to play a board game for the first time, there's going to be a moment while someone reads the rules, puts them down, tries to explain everything to the group, gives up, but goes ahead reading them out loud again.

Video games are different, but not always.

The best thing about a video game is, you never have to read a rulebook. All you need to do is pick up a controller, or put your hands on a mouse and keyboard and go. Pretty much every video game comes with some sort of tutorial level to help teach the basics of the game.

In most cases, these are relatively entertaining ways of showing the player what they need to do with the controls, and over the years, tutorial missions/levels have gotten more and more complicated as controllers themselves have advanced alongside the ever-changing landscape of video game tech.

Every so often, a game will come along that's more complicated than the rest, and even with a tutorial, they still have a steep learning curve. This is usually true of strategy and simulation games, which use detailed mechanics to regulate gameplay.

These ten games represent the ones with the steepest of learning curves, though there are more out there.


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