10 Video Games With INSANELY High Completion Rates

Anything above 40% is a miracle.

Insomniac Games

Despite how much the average video game costs, it's quite shocking to learn just how few people actually complete the games that they buy.

As we explored in a recent article, games in the Elder Scrolls, Grand Theft Auto, and Red Dead Redemption franchises are typically beaten by less than one-third of players who pick them up, and when it comes to Nioh 2, that number drops to just 17.36%.

And we're only talking about coasting along the critical path, which is generally a far more reasonable requirement than mopping up all the side content and, if you're a masochist, gunning for 100% completion.

But every so often a game is released which manages to hold an above-the-odds number of players in its grip from start to finish, such that their completion rate is far above the expected figure of around 25%.

Whether appealing to a very distinct, dedicated niche or simply offering up a must-play, once-in-a-generation gaming experience, these 10 games ended up being beaten by an impressively high number of players.

Note: completion rates were taken from PSNProfiles, using the most-played PlayStation version of the game and referring to the trophy received for completing the story...


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