10 Video Games With INSANELY Low Completion Rates

... I'll just watch it on Youtube.


Video games are an investment in more ways than one. It's not just the money that we put into them, but the time that it takes to play through, enjoy and sometimes finish them.

Going for 100% completion in a game is a big commitment: - the reality is that you will end up grinding for hours and you need to have a definite love for a game and a knack for the mechanics before you even consider it.

This isn't what we're going to be looking at here. Instead, this is looking at games that are popular at the moment, have been in the past or are members of a storied and loved series that for some reason have completion rates lower than you would expect.

So what titles would we expect to have pulled people in better? And what are the games that it is hard to believe other players gave up on without seeing more of?

Let's find out.


(NOTE: Completion rates are taken from PSNprofiles, and while in most cases it refers to a trophy achieved for viewing any ending, in some cases the "average completion" stat is used instead.)


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