10 Video Games With RUTHLESS Online Multiplayer

If you're looking to challenge these online communities, prepare to be punished.

Infinity Ward

While initially exclusive to the PC platform, the extensive replayability offered through expanding multiplayer options to the internet has been a driving force behind gaming's success.

Whether it's Steam, Xbox Live or the PlayStation Network, online gaming is now more popular than ever, with millions of gamers logging in every day to test their skills against others around the world. Online communities have grown substantially, cultivating their fanbases and growing their audiences in the process. How much fun you'll get out of these features often depends on your overall skill level.

The following ten games boast enormous online communities who have often dedicated thousands of hours into mastering every element of their gameplay; they're certainly not friendly to newcomers, kerb-stomping those less skilled and smashing those who attempt to improve. They have also broken into the competitive scene, with the best players participating in the hopes of winning substantial cash prizes every year.

Across both PC and console, these ten games are a serious test of player's mettle, often putting off newcomers or boasting a substantial learning curve that's tough to get to grips with.


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