10 Video Games With THE BEST Boss Battles

A boss rush of emotions.


One of the most celebrated areas of video games are when a title provides an exceptional boss battle, for while on paper it might sound like the easiest thing to do: Big chap with tanky health and mad attack patterns, creating a decent atmosphere, providing the right amount of tension and making sure the fight is fairly balanced is incredibly hard to do.

We've covered across multiple lists the times where video games managed to pull out an absolute corker of a boss battle, and while it's amazing to celebrate these "lightning in a bottle" moments, today we're going for a full thunderstorm, as these are titles that had amazing boss encounters from start to finish, and act as shining examples of how to do the industry trope right.

So saddle up, drink all your potions and buff your stuff as we're about to get a boss rush on of unparalleled measure as these are 10 Video Games With THE BEST Boss Battles!


Article adapted from WhatCulture Gaming's Youtube channel

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