10 Video Games With Unique Art Styles You Need To See

9. Cuphead

XIII game
Studio MDHR

The love and attention that went into what makes Cuphead a spectacular game is perfectly balanced with just how bloody hard it is. Whether that's a backhanded compliment or criticism is down to you if you enjoy a challenge or not, but it's a game that everyone should at least try.

Concept and development on Cuphead started as far back as 2010 and considering how much work went it, we should be grateful it ever saw the light of day. A wonderful tribute to the cartoon style of the 1930's, each level and animation of Cuphead has been meticulously hand drawn. The entire aesthetic is reminiscent of old Looney Tunes cartoons, as is the jazz soundtrack, proving the real love for the era that inspired it.

On the theme of throwbacks, Cuphead plays like classic Contra: absolutely nails. In essence a boss rush, with some run and gun levels interspersed, Cuphead lets you have some control over which order you do them in.

It's by no means easy, only marginally if you've got someone to help you, but with looks like that it's hard to stay mad at it.

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