10 Video Games You Bought CONSOLES To Play

What were you NOT going to play GTA 3??


Value is a constant talking point in the gaming industry. How much is the system itself? What unique features do the controllers have?

Most importantly: Which exclusives will I get to play?

While some manufacturers like Microsoft are starting to move away from console system sellers, there's no denying the power they have to move units. In other cases, a PC title achieves such high reception, a release on console further down the line is demanded for easier access. This forces developers to remain adaptable and prepared to work with other systems.

Drawing fans to your platform and cultivating major franchises can stamp your presence on the gaming scene. This has been common practice for many of the biggest IPs, with a burgeoning community instantly associating them with a system or company.

You can have the best graphics in the world, but it all comes down to the quality of the game itself.

These are the system sellers that made everybody run out and secure the console, no matter what.

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