10 Video Games You Constantly Have To Defend Hating

If you dunk on these games, prepare to fend off a colossal backlash.

Red Dead Redemption 2

While some might try to convince you otherwise, objectivity has no place in the discussion of art, no matter how beloved a piece of work might be by the masses.

That said, dare suggest that one of gaming's "sacred cows" might not be quite so perfect and you're sure to be met with a ton of resistance from overzealous fans whose response will definitely be totally reasonable.

This isn't to argue from a disingenuous position and suggest that every single thing about these games is terrible or even merely bad, but simply that there are extremely valid major critiques to be made about them.

Nevertheless, these criticisms are sure to make a lot of people angry, and if you're a fan of any of the most popular video games of the last 25 years, you should probably brace yourself.

Again, opinions are opinions - we've all got them and are free to express them, though if you subscribe to the belief that these games aren't quite all they're cracked up to be, you're going to be fending off the die-hard fans left and right.

These 10 takedowns will absolutely be controversial, but in the very least they're being argued with good faith, we promise...

10. Final Fantasy VII Remake

Red Dead Redemption 2
Square Enix

Final Fantasy VII Remake was released to sky-high expectations - the original being arguably one of the greatest games of all time - and while many felt that Square Enix more than rose to the occasion, saying a bad word against it basically required you to testify in front of a Grand Jury as justification.

Nostalgia is one hell of a drug, and FFVII Remake categorically proves that. This isn't to say that it's not a technically compelling package, but it's also in many respects exactly the worst thing people expected from a contemporary mega-budget remake of a hallowed classic.

For one, it's an aggressively bloated experience packed with repetitive copy-paste dungeons, causing the main story to clock in at a solid 10 hours longer than it really needs to be.

The side missions are often tedious, the graphics are a surprisingly mixed bag (those skyboxes, oof), and it overall smacks of a game desperately trying to justify the dubious necessity for at least two sequels.

Call FFVII Remake a product of AAA gamedev's increasing tendency towards bloat-filled gameplay, all in the quest for greater "player engagement," and you'll catch a fleet of side-eyes (or worse) from fans.


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