10 Video Games You Didn't Realise Were Cancelled In 2023

Pour one out for these recently canned video games.

Cancelled Marvel Midnight Suns

2023 has been such a ludicrously stacked year for video games - perhaps the best ever, even - that you couldn't be blamed for losing track of every awesome-looking title that's come down the pike.

But for every great game that finds critical and commercial success, there are of course those many titles that fail to make a splash or end up being shut down long before dedicated fans are ready to say goodbye.

And though 2023 has been an incredibly busy year for gamers, it's also seen a record number of games shut down or even cancelled before they've made it out the front door.

This perhaps speaks to the generally precarious nature of games development in an era where production timelines have skyrocketed and, with that, the money needed to deliver a quality end-product has ballooned.

And yet, amid the slew of games being either cancelled or getting the "sunsetting" treatment, you might've missed that these 10 games got tossed out with the bathwater.

From cult classic multiplayer titles to promising sequels to modest AAA hits, these games were all quietly stamped out, much to their fans' chagrin...

10. Evil Dead: The Game

Cancelled Marvel Midnight Suns
Saber Interactive

Evil Dead: The Game launched in the summer of 2022 to generally positive reviews, with developers Saber Interactive delivering an asymmetric multiplayer survival horror experience in the vein of 2017's Friday the 13th: The Game.

Despite selling 500,000 copies in just five days and being well-received by most fans upon launch, the game's popularity declined heavily throughout 2023

This was perhaps in part due to Saber patching the game to be more favourable to survivors, making it much tougher for demons to win and in turn making it feel unbalanced.

In September, Saber confirmed that they were ending active development on the game effective immediately, with no new content being produced and a planned Nintendo Switch port getting cancelled.

Though Saber stated that the game's servers will remain online for the "foreseeable future," given that the Steam version's concurrent player count hasn't been above 100 in over three months, it's probably not long for this world.

So with that in mind, get your groovy demon-slaying in while you still can.


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