10 Video Games You Gave Up On (That Are Actually Great)

9. No Man's Sky

Dead Island 2
Hello Games

We all love a good redemption story and in recent years in gaming they've become not uncommon.

Now, there are strong arguments to be made about false advertising and not patting developers on the back for eventually getting their games where they needed to be on release. Still, the fact of the matter is that No Man's Sky has clawed it's way back from certain doom.

HelloGames' space-faring adventure title promised some pretty hefty things including a massive universe littered with an unthinkable number of procedurally generated planets that could be explored alongside friends. However, the planets were all pretty uniform, the ships you could pilot were boring and the promised multiplayer seemed to be removed right at the last moment. There was simply very little to do.

And yet, No Man's Sky may be the poster child for games being supported long after their release. In the seven years since, the game has had multiple free patches every year that have included hosts of new content; bringing it in line with the original vision for the title and beyond that by several milestones.

To really hit home, the game was tagged on Steam with "mostly negative reviews" on its debut in 2016. By September 2021, the developers had turned this around to 70% positive reviews.


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