10 Video Games You Regretted Playing

8. Saints Row (2022)

saints row 2022
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Pitched as a return to the original tone and action of the originals, the excitement for 2022's Saints Row was quite high.

Confusing as it was to call a series reboot by the same name as the original, which came out in 2006, fans wanted more Saints Row, and with the last release being DLC Gat Out Of Hell in 2015, they were drooling at the prospect of a new game in the series.

But the game released in a very unfinished state, filled with bugs, glitches, and infuriated fans. The game had been delayed until August, originally being planned to hit the streets in February, and it didn't seem to matter. A day-one patch helped, but it wasn't enough to make things work properly. And what worked was fairly run of the mill.

Fans of the over-the-top antics were disappointed by the more grounded story and mechanics, while fans of the original were let down by a mediocre story. Judging by the, as of time of writing, 2.6 user score on metacritic, fans are not pleased by it. Considering the sub-par plot - it just didn't bear the effort of mucking through the glitches.

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