10 Video Games You Won’t Believe Are In Development

Gollum is the Lord of the Rings game you didn't know you needed.

Lord of the Rings Gollum
Daedalic Entertainment

It's rather fortunate that 2020 is kicking off the decade with one of the most exciting years the world of gaming has seen in ages. With a new generation of tech on the horizon, the secret projects developers have been working on to capitalise on the incoming revolution are about to be revealed via glorious trailers that probably won't resemble anything like the actual finished product. Still, it's an exciting time.

While there are a few big names set to be properly unveiled that are already snatching headlines, and plenty of in-development next-gen projects that are pretty much open secrets at this point, there are just as many that are skirting on the periphery of the mainstream bubble that sound absolutely insane.

Whether they're long-awaited projects that were presumed dead or ideas you won't believe have actually been greenlit, these are the puzzling projects the gaming industry is throwing their weight behind.


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