10 Video Games You Won't Believe Got REJECTED

We lost so many good Star Wars games.

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Video game cancellations are a rare event in the industry these days. This is because so many projects, be them in the format of ideas or as far as post-production, have become more salvageable as the industry has progressed. For example, if an independent studio is unsure of the prospect of their title, they can choose to publish the game themselves. This way, they're able to hold onto their baby and stay away from publishing traps.

However, not all studios have had this luxury in the past. Whether in development for years or shown to the world at E3, any handful of circumstances can lead to a game's cancellation in an instant. Time constraints, a growing lack of faith in the project or even the untimely merging of companies are just some of them.

Some of these cancelled titles live on in infamy, as what ifs of the industry. Others have the drawing power to be adapted into something else, with many Star Wars games acting as an example of this. While missed, gamers will always adore a chance at that sweet speculation, being able to hang on to the possibilities of what could have been.

Still, a cancelled game is sad sight to behold and we’ll be using this list to mourn 10 games you won’t believe got rejected.

10. Gotham By Gaslight

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Back in 2012, test footage of a secret, well hidden Batman video game adaptation, Gotham By Gaslight, was leaked. This footage was fairly shallow, showing an extremely hench Batman walking through the Victorian streets of London, shrouded by fog.

This alone looked to be a moody, pretty unique take on Batman. Not just for comic books, but all of his appearances.

The intrigue only increases as we unravel what little we know about the cancelled project. Developed by Day 1 Studios and backed by THQ. Gotham By Gaslight was inspired by the comic of the same name. The story would focus on a Batman in the midst of investigating Jack The Ripper through a Victorian, steampunk London.

Allegedly action, this adaptation of Batman looked to be far more artistically stylised than that of the Arkham games. Dark, eerie environments set in England would utilise a grayscale filter with an almost horror-like direction.

The reason for its cancellation was simple: THQ couldn’t get the rights they needed.

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